So, this is how it started… there I was, a typical middle-aged man, standing in a well-known high street bookshop, staring in bewilderment at the rows upon rows of books in front of me, wondering what on earth I was going to choose to read next? I’d been here many times before, and rarely had much success. There seemed to be so much choice these days, I just didn’t know where to start. In the end I just gave up and made for the door – leaving empty-handed once more – and decided I’d try again next time.

When we returned home, my wife and I talked about the problems with large high-street book chains and the fact that ‘bigger wasn’t always better’ when it comes to bookshops! Sadly, many smaller, independent bookshops have closed down in our area and what we lack now is that personal touch. This was when she suggested I start a blog for like-minded individuals who, like me, find it difficult to choose their next interesting read.

So here it is, ‘what shall I read?’ the blog for anyone and everyone to share their suggestions for books they’ve read and enjoyed. Please feel free to contribute your suggestions – I know that someone out there will be very grateful that you did…