Book Review: ‘The Little Paris Bookshop’ by Nina George


The concept of this book really appealed to me… a bookshop on board a barge, moored on the River Seine, in the heart of Paris – how idyllic!  The story is about Jean Perdu who owns the bookshop, a man who can recommend exactly the right books to his customers to soothe their soul and to heal their broken hearts.  He is so talented, and appears to get to know his customers’ needs so well, that he is referred to as the ‘Literary Apothecary’.

As the story unfolds, we quickly realise that the one heart he cannot heal is his own. Before long, Jean decides to untether the boat, for the first time in decades, and set sail for the warmth of the South, in search of some answers and his own inner peace.

The writing is thought provoking, and at times, inspiring, however the translation does not always work out so well and this occasionally upsets the flow of the story.  Despite this, I found the story intriguing and quite hard to put down.  There are some very sad moments which travel into the depths of loss and grief, but the characters are philosophical about death and focus on how life goes on regardless.

If you are a book lover, a dreamer and a romantic, you will probably enjoy this book!

‘What shall I read?’ rating: 6/10

So bookbloggers, as I have asked many times before, what shall I read next?  Have you read any of the books that feature on my blog? Can you suggest a book that you think I might enjoy?  Any suggestions very welcome…


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