Book Review: ‘I Found You’ by Lisa Jewell

I found you

I chose to read this book because the blurb suggested that it would be a good mystery/thriller.  Lisa’s style is very easy to read and the story hooked me in fairly quickly.

The plot itself is quite gripping and has many twists and turns, but sadly it becomes a little bit predictable as you approach the last quarter of the book.   Many of the actions of the characters become unbelievable and the story loses its credibility somewhat.  I was very disappointed by this as the story showed great potential for an exciting ending.  As it is, I would say that the ending is far too drawn out and should have ended earlier –  the author seems to go over the same ground over and over again.

Despite this, I would still recommend this book as a light-hearted read for a summer holiday perhaps.

‘What shall I read?’ rating: 4/10

So bookbloggers, as I have asked many times before, what shall I read next?  Have you read any of the books that feature on my blog? Can you suggest a book that you think I might enjoy?  Any suggestions very welcome…


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