Book Review: ‘Magpie Murders’ by Anthony Horowitz

magpie murders

I love the work of Anthony Horowitz, he has written some great books for adults and children alike.  I decided to read ‘Magpie Murders’ some time ago but initially didn’t get very far with it as I was finding it a bit of a slow-burner.  However, with the long Easter weekend upon us, I decided to try again and commit more time to getting into the story this time.

As it happened, I finished the book on Easter Sunday!  In the end I quite enjoyed the book and read it in just a few days, which is quite unusual for me.  It is kind of a book-within-a-book as the story focuses on an editor who works for a famous author of crime novels.  The story begins with the editor’s story and then quickly moves on to the author’s latest novel which is a classic ‘whodunnit’ in true Poirot style.  The story then returns to the editor and publishers who are inextricably linked to the author’s novel itself.

I don’t really read much crime fiction so this was not my normal type of go-to book, however, the mystery element drew me in from the beginning and this part of the story got better and better as I read on.

My advice to you would be to give this book time and don’t give up early on, as it definitely improves and becomes more intriguing as you get further into the story.  If you read and enjoyed ‘Moriarty’, also by Horowitz, then you will definitely enjoy this one.

‘What shall I read?’ rating: 6/10.

So, come on bookbloggers, what shall I read next?  Have you read this book – or something similar – and can recommend a book that I might like to read?  Any suggestions very welcome…


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