Hurrah for Indie Bookshops!


Independent bookshops have been slowly disappearing from our high streets for the past 15 years now as they struggle to compete with the likes of Amazon and Waterstones. Those indie bookshops that have managed to survive need our support more than ever if we are going to avoid losing them forever – and therefore losing the soul of our towns and villages!  So please show your support for your local indie bookshop!

My favourite independent bookshop is ‘Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights’ in Bath because the staff are just so helpful without being intrusive when you want to browse.  The shop itself is really original too and I have spent many Saturday afternoons in there.

Does anyone else know of any other good indie bookshops in the UK?


3 thoughts on “Hurrah for Indie Bookshops!

  1. I love the sound of your indie bookshop in Bath – the name alone makes me want to visit and as I’m going there later this year I’ll check it out! In our town we have a book cafe which not only serves fantastic food but also always you to browse the packed bookshelves, borrow them or buy them. So many tempting choices and I’ve availed myself to some.

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